The Columbine Archery Range was established in 1960 when a group of seven people founded the Columbine Bowmen; a non-profit organization, and leased land in the National Forest for an archery range. The range was originally named Columbine Trails after one of the founders, Walt Trail, as well as the profusion of spring columbine blossoms.

The 30-acre forested site boasts two trail courses as
well as a practice range. The two trail courses offer 14 targets each on varying topography at ranges from 10 to 80 yards. The central practice range is situated on level ground and offers targets at 5-yard intervals from 10 to 80 yards.

The ranges are open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. A pedestrian gate offers constant walk-in access. Vehicle access is available some weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Periodically the Columbine Bowman host competitions and special events at this range; during those events the range will not be available for general use.

   Welcome to Columbine Archery
Columbine Bowmen Archery Club
Upcoming Events: Please see our Facebook page for updates on the prescribed burn. No tournaments for 2017. 
Hello Archery Friends and Family,
Since being the president of Columbine Bowmen for the last 6 years, we as a club have overcome many hurdles. As the year ends, we have been blindsided again. They are going to do a controlled burn on the archery range as well as surrounding areas, basically hunting unit 51. After a meeting last Friday, we are at the mercy of the Forest Service with this news and honestly we are not sure what to expect. One thing is for sure, Columbine Bowmen is stepping out of the tournament schedule until further notice (definitely for the 2017 season). A lot can happen in a year and who knows at this point if we can even come back from this.
After the anger subsided, the sadness set in. I understand we are a fire break for the houses as you drive up the dirt road to the range and surrounding communities. Although Columbine has had a rocky relationship with some on the road to the archery range, we as archers know what is right and it is right for the forest service to do a control burn to lessen the fuel on the ground in case of a fire. I would never want structures or lives to be lost because of an archery range that did not agree to do the right thing. So, I lower my bow and place the arrow back in my quiver and sit down for a good old fashion piece of common sense pie. I ask our members, friends and archery family to stand with us and hope for the best. Remember the good times and hopefully we can celebrate a new beginning in a year. I must mention the following people who have made Columbine Bowmen what it is today: Chad, Lisa, Makenzie and Madison Tenney; Rob and Cheryl Bachman and my wife Katie (or the glue to Columbine). Without these people sacrificing weekends and week days Columbine would have never been what it is today. Thank you all and pray for the best.
Tim Luth
President Columbine Bowmen

Below is more information regarding the process, schedule and how you can keep updated on the progress of this process.
We wanted you all to be aware that we found out Friday that the Forest Service will be doing a prescribed burn to the area surrounding the range and including on the range. This is a follow up to the mastication/thinning that was done on the range about 10 years ago. The Forest Service is going to be sending me more information on the importance of prescribed burns and their role in the natural forest ecosystem and to maintain a healthy forest. We have been told that this burn is to remove the ground fuels and small trees but some of the middle sized trees and bushes should make it. All the larger trees will make it.
This burning is scheduled start on Oct 7th and continue until all areas are complete. They are hopeful to complete this quickly, within a week or so, but are dependent on having the precise weather and environmental conditions to ensure a controlled environment. During the time of the burn, the gate will be locked and the range will be closed entirely. I will post daily on Facebook when the range is closed so please check Facebook or email/call if you are unsure if the range is open before heading up. Again, the weather has to be just right for them to burn so if it’s not right, they won’t burn that day and the range will be open. You can also follow the Twitter feed for the forest service for our area: Tweets by ‎@PSICC_NF
We have developed a plan with the forest service to protect the targets, structures and ground markers so that they are not affected during this process. This will allow us to have the range open on days when they are not burning. Our goal is to have the range available as much as possible and have little impact to our members. We appreciate your patience in this whole process.
We know that this can be shocking and will do our best to address all concerns but please remember that the range is on National Forest Service property so we have to comply with their procedures and this is one that only takes place every 10 to 12 years.
We want to thank you all for your support that you give us as the board and the range itself. Please be sure to follow updates on Facebook.
PLEASE NOTE: THE RANGE WILL BE OPEN DURING THIS PROCESS WITH THE EXCEPTON OF BURNING DAYS. You will notice a considerable difference in the look of the landscape due to the burning of the vegetation.

Thank you Columbine Bowmen Archery Range Friends and Family!