The following rules are for your protection and to preserve the ecology of the area. Your cooperation is appreciated.

1. No Open Flames on property
2. No smoking on the Range.
3. No consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Range.
4. No hunting on the range.
5. No fireworks or firearms on the range.
6. No broadheads on the range or in targets at any time. Anyone found shooting broadheads on the range will be subject to fines for damages.
7. Please pack out your trash.
8. Do not throw trash in the toilets.
9. Always place a bow, jacket, or other large object in front of a target when you are looking for a lost arrow behind the target; this action alerts others to your presence.
10. Children must be supervised at all times.
11. Do not drain chemical toilets.
12. Do not pick wildflowers; do not damage or remove trees or shrubs.
13. Do not remove any firewood from the range.
14. Camping is allowed only to members and only during tournaments and work parties.
15. Please be courteous to all persons shooting on the ranges.
16. All dogs must be on a leash at all times​.

Shooting fee is $ 5.00 per day; payment boxes are located at the gate and the pavilion. Members and youth 11 years old or younger do not pay the daily fee. Archers may become members of the Columbine Bowmen , please see Membership and Fees page for more information.
Range Rules

Columbine Bowmen Archery Club